Our Mission: Food, Education, Medicine

Volunteer Efforts

We serve and support the Ukrainian people and victims of the war in Ukraine through direct humanitarian action. We unite and organize other volunteers and partner organizations who are traveling to Ukraine and neighboring countries to provide assistance. In addition to this, since the beginning of the war, we have primarily helped foreign students with evacuations as well as housing and food/moral support.
We work with partners, officials, NGOs, volunteers, and contacts on the ground to
organize volunteer efforts.

Specifically, after verifying volunteer credentials, we connect volunteers with financial sponsors and provide direct financial and logistical assistance to get volunteers to the areas where they are most needed. Moreover, we have united all brave foreigners who has stayed in Ukraine to help and to volunteer. United by our common goals of volunteering and supporting each other, especially there are lots of medical students who stay in Ukraine and give training in first aid. Furthermore, we have united foreign soldiers volunteers with the foreign students volunteers from different countries into a one group where they can share their military and medical experience to become more professional. All together we really did a lot but we will not stop until the victory of Ukraine, full liberation of our entire territory. Our spirit is unbreakable, our honor is not for sale. List of partner charities and NGOs

  • Cerberus Network – European NGO established by Ukrainian MP Sviatoslav Yurash, Austrian journalist David Pichler and Ukrainian businessman and civil activist Yurii Bielokon for helping victims of the war in Ukraine and providing Ukrainian army with all sorts of aid.
  •  Intermarium support network
    Ukrainian NGO set up by Olena Semenyaka that aims political, economical and cultural integration of the countries in Central Europe.
  • Eyes of the army
    Ukrainian NGO aiming to modernize Ukrainian Military Force by providing hundreds of drones. Organization distributed hundreds of drones along the frontline.
  •  Wild Geese International Medical Rescue Squadrone
    Ukrainian NGO aiming to provide help to civilians and militaries who suffered from the war, to help refugees from the war zone to start a new life and distributing
    humanitarian and medical aid. NGO unites both foreigners and Ukrainians and try to find solutions to the problems that are caused by the Russian invasion to Ukraine. Main inspirer of Wild Geese is American entrepreneur Charles Finney. Among other members are Sviatoslav Yurash, Igor Vodyanyi, Yurii Bielokon, Robert Knuppel and other politicians, businessmen, volunteers and activists.
  •  Humanitarian forces of Ukraine
    Humanitarian NGO set up by Anton Skuratov and group of other Ukrainian bloggers aiming to provide civilians and militaries with the humanitarian aid.
    Founders of Foreign Hub Ukraine participated in many humanitarian missions and provided help to
    the Ukrainian military force by supplying fuel, drones, tactical equipment and vehicles.
    Humanitarian missions:
    Humanitarian Missions to Kyiv region – Irpin , Bucha, Makariv, Hostomel.
  • Humanitarian Missions to Kharkiv

    Drones Mission all over the front line 


    Fuel station on Wheels

Coordinating Press and Press Center

Foreign Volunteers and Medical instructors

Big round table meetings

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